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Our activities in the energy division focus on our active and progressive involvement in the energy revolution through the transition from conventional forms of energy generation to generating energy from waste.
On the conceptual side of energy management, we perform potential analyses and develop complex implementation strategies.

The field of project realisation mainly encompasses facility planning and optimisation of the recovery of energy from landfill gas, biogas and solid biomass. The processing of gaseous and solid fuels is another area in which we are able to bring our many years of expertise into play.

We are also involved internationally in the climate protection projects of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).
In addition to the direct recovery of energy, a significant role is also played by the generation of bio-natural gas and biomethane, their integration into the grid, and the realisation of regional gas transportation and local heating networks.
The interlinking of several alternative sources of energy on the one hand and the development of standalone systems on the other are gaining importance. We are actively involved in the development and implementation of such projects.

Our references in the field of energy

Our competences in the field of energy

  • Strategies / Concepts about renewable energies (mainly waste-to-energy projects)
  • Plant layout / Plant optimising (CHP stations, fermentation plants etc.)
  • Energy management systems / Decentral energy supply systems
  • Studies of different subjects

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