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A well developed, functioning infrastructure is the foundation of public life and successful economic structures. This division of the business with its complex projects is therefore a corner stone of our engineering services.
Traditionally, infrastructure projects in coastal regions with road and railway connections, such as the ports of Hamburg and Rostock, play a significant role. The area of road construction includes, among other services, designing sections and junctions of national, state and regional roads and managing their implementation.

Our range of services stretches from the scheduling of land-use or project and development plans to the supervised realisation of the respective projects with the compilation of operating instructions for individual infrastructure entities.
In addition to the usual supply and disposal services, e.g. electrical energy, drinking water supply, wastewater and stormwater, projects located in commercial and industrial areas also involve the planning of other services such as telecommunication connections and district and local heating and gas networks.

We also implement green space requirements by coordinating accompanying landscape management plans and measures and compile the associated impact assessments.

Our references in the field of infrastructure

Our competences in the field of infrastructure

  • Comprehensive infrastructure projects with raod and railway connections (for media: electrical energy, natural gas, local and district heating, drinking water, wastewater, stormwater)
  • Road construction / Noise protection facilities / Fencing systems
  • Green space requirements / Compilation of associated impact assessments

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