– Waste treatment and disposal plant Rosenow, Mecklenburgische Seenplatte –


Our range of consultancy services available in the waste division coversthe initial gathering of basic analytical data using, among other techniques, sorting analyses, the development of waste management concepts, waste stream management systems and siting procedures taking into consideration ecological and economic criteria. For new and existing sites, we also liaise with qualified specialised consultants to compile the complex documents required for approval processes according to legal regulations for waste and pollution control.

The creative solutions we successfully employ for our customers when planning logistics systems, waste transfer stations, interim storage facilities and recycling centres are based on our many years of experience with numerous reference projects.

In the challenging field of waste treatment, we are involved in the development and implementation of mechanical, physico-chemical, biological and thermal processes. In this regard, we are also investigating the biological drying of waste as a means of producing biofuels.

In the area of waste disposal, we have been involved in the planning and management of national and international landfill projects, including leachate and landfill gas treatment facilities, since 1960.

Furthermore, we are increasingly putting our specialist knowledge to good use in research and development projects in order to decisively shape the differentiated needs of the market for the recovery of secondary raw materials.

Our references in the field of waste

Our competences in the field of waste

  • Profitability and location studies / settlement strategies
  • Building regulations and immission control procedures
  • Combination of process and construction technology for complex projects
  • Investment and operating cost calculations
  • Operational Optimizations

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