Building constructions

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Our expertise in the building construction division lies particularly in the planning of challenging commercial and industrial buildings which include essential functional units such as black/white areas, lock-gate systems as well as dispatcher and control room facilities.

The implementation of energy generation plants such as decentralised mini power stations for combined heat and power, and photovoltaic or solar thermal systems is also increasing in importance.
We plan and construct customer- and site-specific buildings using massive, skeleton or prefabricated construction methods. The construction elements employed are either steel or timber profiles, reinforced concrete or masonry.
The ability to convert or extend these functional buildings also places extra demands on their planning and execution. In this regard, we are able to draw on numerous assignments involving construction supervision and the coordination of occupational health and safety.

In addition to coordinating the necessary professional involvement of third parties, we also undertake the practical preparation of fire protection plans, occupational health and safety plans and operating instructions.
We also offer facility management services if required.

Our references in the field of building construction

Our competences in the field of building construction

  • Planning of commercial and industrial buildings
  • Special constructions for input checkpoints / Black-and-white systems / Lock-gate systems
  • Solid constructions and system buildings
  • Steel, masonry and wooden constructions

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