Plant construction

- New construction of a fish processing plant with smokehouse in Bentwisch near Rostock -


When it comes to plant construction, we generally handle complex projects which involve an interdisciplinary combination of civil, structural and process engineering. Our core competencies in the field of waste treatment include the stages of shredding, sorting/sifting and separation on the one side and the aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment of waste on the other.

Based on dedicated material flow diagrams and specific treatment objectives, we design facilities with single or multiple lines, dimension the materials handling technology and select suitable equipment. Our specific expertise involves ergonomically arranging the plant layout taking into consideration the input and output flows. We are not tied to any specific manufacturer and take particular care to operate in an energy efficient manner.

In addition to our involvement in the waste and recycling process, we are also active in the sensitive area of the food-processing industry. In this field, hygiene and monitoring are of particular importance and require the use of adequate technology.

We also often plan the extension and optimisation of current plants, much to our customers’ satisfaction.

Our references in the field of plant construction

Our competences in the field of plant construction

  • Economic feasibility studies and site analytics
  • Approval processes according to legal regulations for building and pollution control
  • Combination of civil, structural and process engineering for comprehensive projects
  • Calculations of capital costs and operating costs
  • Optimisation of operational processes

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