- replacement of the pumping station Stromgraben in Graal-Müritz -


The water division covers water supply and sewage disposal and coastal and inland flood protection.
When it comes to general structural drainage plans, the determination of requirements and route planning, measures for implementing the water framework directive, or construction supervision and the commissioning of complex buildings such as water works, pumping stations and waste water treatment plants, we are the engineering services provider of choice.

In terms of water supply, we plan catchment area studies, treatment processes and supply systems including storage facilities and pressure boosting systems.
We also implement quantity- and load-specific solutions for the capture, processing and treatment of both municipal and industrial sewage.

Particularly demanding projects include the planning of waste water treatment plants with extreme seasonal flows on the one hand and high-performance treatment stages for leachates and process water on the other. Another significant area is that of the compilation of sewer cadastre documents and the planning of sewer renovation work.
Our many years of experience allow us to work intensively on measures for the renaturalisation of water courses within the water framework directive and the planning of flood water protection schemes and structures.

Our references in the field of water

Our competences in the field of building construction

  • Determinations of requirements / Planning of pipeline routes
  • Water supply mains / Waterworks
  • Local drainage systems / Pumping stations / Sewer renovation work / Sewer cadastre documents
  • Wastewater treatment plants / Sewage sludge treatment facilities / Operational guidance
  • Industrial water and leachate treatment plants
  • Hydraulic engineering / Coastal and flood protection measures

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